ringworm disinfection

What’s Ringworm?

Ringworm is a benign infection that generally affects children under 12 years of age as well as animals such as dogs and particularly cats. It appears in the form of fungi on the scalp and in the hair. It’s a very painful infection that can cause hair loss.


Ringworm is transmitted through fungi known as dermatophytes. Contamination can occur directly through contact with an infected person or animal. Indirect transmission is also possible through the use of an infected comb, for instance.


BioGreen Solutions offers a ringworm treatment that removes all traces of this parasite.


Pchit! Pchit!

If your child or pet becomes infected, you must act quickly. BioGreen Solutions offers a miracle aerosol solution that removes all traces of this fungi. A simple spraying kills 99.9% of bacteria, mold, fungi and odors.


Our spray product consists of only natural and biodegradable ingredients. In addition to disinfecting your space, the solution is accessible, easy to use and safe for you and your equipment. Our team quickly disinfects contaminated air so that you can use the space after only one hour following treatment.


Choose BioGreen Solutions for Ringworm Disinfection

In need of ringworm treatment? Want to remove odors related to cigarettes, urine, perspiration and animals? Our sanitization solution is highly effective, eco-friendly and poses no risk to your health. Our disinfection services against ringworm are available across Canada.


Contact us now and enjoy a space that’s healthy and clean!


Our services for professionals and individuals

Whether we’re talking about hospitals, shopping centres, offices, daycares or residential spaces, BioGreen Solutions uses the means necessary in ringworm treatment, whatever your needs. Our home and office vaporization disinfection service allows you to go about your life with peace of mind.


For Professionals

If you’re in the customer service business, it’s critical to provide your clients a clean and fresh environment. BioGreen Solutions’ ringworm disinfection service is the answer that assures you the complete removal of parasites in your workplace. Protect the well-being of your customers and employees.


For Individuals

The ringworm treatment by BioGreen Solutions saves you a lot of stress. We’ll hunt down the parasite intruders in your house for you! Your home should be free of this harmful fungus. We want our clients to return home in comfort and feeling confident that their living space is truly clean.


The ringworm disinfection services by BioGreen Solution are eco-friendly and pose no threat to your health or that of your loved ones. All of our disinfectants have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as Health Canada, having met these bodies’ strict standards for the protection of our environment.