Odor removal

We regularly complain about unplesant odors. They’re everywhere: in the house, in the car once we get in after a good workout. Did you know that the majority of bad odors that we complain about are the product of microbial fermentation? No one should have to live in a foul-smelling place.

Fortunately, the team at BioGreen Solutions effectively disinfects your living spaces and kills odors. The result is long-term and guaranteed.

BioGreen Solutions: Your best bet for odor removal

Our affordable and quick treatment doesn’t cover up odors. It removes them, targeting the source and destroying the germs responsible for bad odors. Even more unbelievable, our disinfection-through-vaporization products are 100% natural and biodegradable.

Zero risk to your health!


Won’t damage objects and surfaces.

We can help you with odor removal wherever you wish.

 “A few months following your service, we can say that we are extremely satisfied. The technicians are professional and courteous. Everything looks great until now, and we have even decided to add common spaces to our service with you.”

Louis Daigneault, Director, Manoir Claudette Barré de Montréal

Join the hundreds of people before you, and contact us!

Cigarette smoke, sour milk and infant formula, animal odors, urine, food, vomit, mold and mustiness—we can eliminate all odor traces.

Our Proactive Interior Contaminants Management was developed to disinfect and protect on a regular basis. As an added value, our procedure removes all unpleasant odors from the ambient air, leaving your spaces smelling clean and fresh.

Contact us today and we’ll quickly take care of your odor problem.

We service professionals and individuals

Our disinfection and odor removal service is intended for everyone looking to live in a healthy and odor-free environment.

Sample of Professionals

Managers in hospitals or retirement homes will want to contact us, as we have the right equipment and solution to disinfect these delicate spaces and purify the environment. Once he entrusted us with the disinfection of his company, a retirement home manager saw a big drop in the number of ill residents.

For these activity sectors, disinfection and odor removal aren’t luxuries. They’re critical for the well-being of residents and for the establishment’s overall public image.

For Individuals

When it’s time to do a deep clean or before moving into a home, a professional odor-removal service will allow you to quickly improve your quality of life. A healthy and clean environment will directly contribute to your well-being.

Eco-friendly and health risk-free, our odor removal service is ideal for individuals. We also have the ability to quickly intervene without having you leave the premises.

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