Désinfection à Montréal

BioGreen Solutions is a leader in the disinfection industry in Canada. There is a considerable need in the market, but people are not yet aware that there are solutions like BioGreen Solution to solve their problems.

In many cases, such as gastroenteritis, the virus spreads by air. The popular solution of disinfecting with bleach therefore only partially tackles the problem. BioGreen Solutions' Proactive Indoor Contaminate Management (PICM) is much more efficient. Using a unique vaporization system, it kills contaminants in air and on surfaces.

Moreover, the product remains active 43 days after its application, which makes it possible to kill the bacteria at the time of application and during the following month as well.

Disinfection in all your establishments 

We offer our services of disinfections on the South Shore in several types of establishments:

  • Residences for the elderly and health centers
  • Houses, condos and apartments
  • Sports center and training center
  • Schools and Day Care

We offer a great flexibility in the schedules which allows us to meet the different needs of our customers. We are able to respond quickly to emergencies.

Our team of disinfection experts 

"The solution we offer is simple, effective and delivers real benefits to our customers."

Nicolas Giroux, franchised since 2016. His great strength is communicating with his clients and is aware that this is at the heart of a strong and long-term relationship. He is attentive to the needs of each individual and is committed to respecting their expectations and caring for their clients throughout the year.

During his career as sales representative, Nicolas developed an excellent sense of management and autonomy. It ensures that each intervention is carried out according to high quality standards, both in terms of service and execution.

Areas Served 

For a healthy environment, contact Nicolas Giroux. We offer disinfection services in the following cities:

  • Montréal
  • Longueuil
  • Brossard
  • Chambly
  • Boucherville
  • Varennes
  • Candiac
  • Etc.


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