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An industry leader, BioGreen Solutions provides Ottawa residents and businesses with an efficient, simple, fast and complete disinfection service! Proactive Indoor Contaminate Management (PICM) not only removes bacteria and viruses from surfaces, but also eliminates them in the air.

Odor Elimination

Want to eliminate the smells of cigarettes, urine or animals in your home? BioGreen Solution offers a complete disinfection service that will eliminate unwanted odors for good!

Disinfection at all your establishments in Ottawa

Whether it is to provide a clean, healthy and pleasant environment for a sports center, or to improve the health condition of seniors in a residence, BioGreen Solutions products are effective. We offer a disinfection service in Ottawa in the following industries:

  • Health
  • Food and catering
  • Physical activity and sport
  • Residential

Our team of disinfection experts in Ottawa

"This is an opportunity for me to offer cutting-edge technology that is truly effective against unwanted contaminants."

In October 2016, Paul Gravel joined BioGreen Solutions and expanded the company's service offering in the Ottawa area. BioGreen Solutions' eco-friendly products help individuals protect their health and live in clean environments.

Our disinfection experts in Ottawa are committed to responding to their customers in less than an hour. They then offer them a flexible range of availability to intervene in their residences or establishments.

Our company distinguishes itself from traditional cleaning companies by the quality of the service, the efficiency of the products as well as the speed of intervention. Our system of vaporization is fast which allows us to decontaminate an establishment in a few hours only.

Areas Served by BioGreen Solutions Ottawa

Our disinfection experts work within a 100-km radius of the City of Ottawa. 

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