Soccer Disinfection: Your Athletes’ Health is Our Priority

As all trainers will tell you, a team of sick players will never make it big. At™, we get that, which is why we offer our soccer disinfection service.  This both sanitizes and disinfects indoor soccer facilities and equipment, and kills viral and infectious diseases like, MRSA, staph, athlete's foot, the flu, gastroenteritis and not to forget the smell ! 

A Soccer Disinfection Service That’s Quick and Danger-free

In choosing™ for disinfecting your facilities and equipment, you’re counting on a team of qualified technicians that come to you for all your specific disinfection needs.

Facilities and Equipment

We take care to disinfect all spaces frequented by your athletes:  locker rooms, bathrooms, showers and in and around the soccer field.  In the face of illness, with™, you are proactive rather than reactive.

And don’t forget: we also disinfect soccer players’ equipment–cleats as well as all other gear will be treated without damage


Our Proactive Indoor Contaminate Management (PICM)™ service.  A Solution That’s 100 % Natural and Safe disinfection PICM™ service is a preventive protection that benefits all types of sporting clubs.™ is not a cleaning company.  Our PICM™ service is developed to protect against viruses, bacteria, fungi and bad odor.™ is not a cleaning company.


Soccer Specialists

Many soccer clubs tend to opt for some sort of ''chemical type method/machine'' and/or products being sold in many stores.  Always verify with the equipment manufacturer about any technique or product you want to use before disinfecting your equipment in order not to damage materials that compose the equipment, voiding the manufacturer's warranty.™ is fully equipped to respond to the rigorous standards of indoor soccer facilities.

We know the reality of high-grade equipment and tight schedules, and we’ll fulfill all of your disinfection needs with efficiency.™ provides facilities with customized solutions to prevent and eliminate viruses, fungi, bacteria and bad odor.’s indoor soccer disinfection service has been proven to be the most effective protection against more than 30 infectious diseases such has MRSA, staph, mumps, gastro and many more.  


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