Football Disinfection: Eliminate Illnesses for the Well-being of Your Athletes

Football athletes need to be in tip-top shape to boost their chances of winning. Trainers, players and fans are all rooting for the success of their team.™ wants to contribute to your team’s success by offering a disinfection and a protection against contagious illnesses with our low-volume dry spray-fogging service.  A number of illnesses can hit your athletes, rendering them incapable of being at the top of their game. These can include staph, MRSA, the flu, gastro-enteritis or even the mumps.

In each case, these illnesses handicap your athletes, forcing them to be absent for an extended period. This not only has an impact on your results but also triggers financial repercussions.

The good news is that this situation is avoidable, thanks to the effective decontamination service offered by™, which eliminate the presence of infections.

A Versatile and Quality Football Disinfection Service

The™ listens to your needs and makes itself available to provide an effective solution. Our team of qualified technicians will take care of the complete decontamination of your sports environment.

Facilities and Equipment

We will attentively disinfect all your athletes’ common areas: the grounds, locker rooms, showers, bathrooms, gyms, meeting rooms, trainers’ offices, the team bus and all other areas susceptible to contamination. Not a single square inch will be skipped.

Our football disinfection service protects football teams from the risks and challenges caused by viruses and bacteria.


Our Proactive Indoor Contaminate Management (PICM)™ service.  A Solution That’s 100 % Natural and Safe™ PICM™ football disinfection service is a preventive protection that benefits all types of sporting clubs.™ is not a cleaning company.

Football Specialists

Many football teams tend to opt for some sort of ''chemical type method/machine'' and/or products being sold in many stores. Always verify with the equipment manufacturer about any technique or product you want to use before disinfecting your equipment in order not to damage materials that compose the equipment, voiding the manufacturer's warranty.™ uses only biodegradable products that are chemical and pesticide-free, and that don’t cause allergies. Our services also don’t require rinsing following vaporization, so athletes are free to use the equipment in less than 30 minutes after disinfection. ™ is fully equipped to respond to the rigorous standards of any football teams.

There are many reported cases in the media, of football players who, due to different illnesses, weren’t able to train or play, through sharing items such as water bottles, towels or even surfaces such as team locker rooms.™ offers teams customized solutions that kill these viruses and bacteria in your environments.


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