The hub that witnesses the biggest athletic sacrifices and efforts, the locker room is one of the most frequented places among athletes. The threat of viral bacteria and viruses is forcing sport professionals to rely on locker room disinfection experts for clean facilities and their athletes’ well-being.


Risks and Dangers Linked to Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses  


For many of us, the locker room is hardly the highlight of sporting facilities, but pathogenic agents such as fungi, viruses and bacteria would beg to differ. The humidity and high traffic typical of locker rooms make them an ideal breeding ground.

Fungal infections such as athlete’s foot have long been associated with humid locker rooms. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which used to be believed to be confined to hospitals and prisons has now penetrated certain athletic facilities. MRSA, also known as a “super-bacteria” thanks to its resistance to traditional antibiotics, was responsible for the temporary benching of several high-ranking professional athletes. Many NFL players have been affected, and, in Canada, more than 2,300 amateurs have died!


Our Proactive Indoor Contaminate Management (PICM)™ solution is Your Protection


Hiring a team of professionals to disinfect your locker rooms is the best way to protect your athletes. The team at is the partner you need. Our disinfection expertise is unmatched.

Whether you’re a hockey team, soccer team, football team, judo club, karate club, boxing club, MMA club or any gym, our services can help.

From Floor to Ceiling, We Cover It All

Floors and lockers are completely disinfected, thanks to a powerful propulsion that won’t miss a single centimeter. Whatever their material, all surfaces, both vertical and horizontal will also be sanitized for your athletes’ protection.

Treat Your Equipment without Damaging It

Our specialized technician will fog all your athletes’ equipment, whether it’s gloves, hockey skates, mats, boxing gloves, helmets, equipment bags and each used piece.

In addition, no part of your equipment will be altered or damaged by our process, allowing you to preserve manufacturer warranties.

NOTE:  Always verify with the equipment manufacturer about any technique or product you want to use before disinfecting your equipment.™: The Team of Professionals at Your Service™ is the leader in disinfection. We offer fast and safe services and 100% natual products approved by Health Canada and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


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