What’s the Flu (influenza)?

The flu is an infection of your respiratory tract caused by the influenza virus. This infection is easily transmitted, particularly between the end of autumn and the beginning of spring. The illness generally lasts between 3 to 7 days. The most common symptoms are the following:

  • A strong, sudden fever
  • A cough
  • Muscular pain
  • Fatigue

While flu symptoms resemble those associated with the common cold, those of the flu (influenza) are generally more serious.

The contagious period for the flu (influenza) is relatively long: 24 hours prior to the onset of symptoms up to 7 days following the onset of symptoms.

The flu can cause potential complications such as dehydratation, pneumonia, bronchitis and otitis. It’s therefore important to consult a doctor if symptoms have appeared and continue.

How to treat flu (influenza) in sports environment?

In sports, the flu (influenza) is easily transmitted between athletes. In fact, the flu’s long contagious period combined with the typical direct contact between athletes facilitate such transmission. Several specific elements unqiue to a sports environment increase the risk of contagion, namely:

  • Breathing, which spreads the virus, particularly when a contaminated individual coughs or sneezes
  • Physical contact between teammates
  • Perspiration, which emits droplets containing the virus
  • Saliva transmission through water bottles

All it takes is several athletes with flu symptoms to witness the impact that the flu has on a team. Considering the duration of the flu and the higher risk of contamination, major inconveniences can ensue.  

Flu (influenza) prevention in sports is critical. Not only does the illness lead to long absences, but it can also cause other complications. It’s therefore important to limit the spread of the flu in athletes’ environments.  

The most common method of prevention is regular hand-washing and avoiding all direct contact with the infected person. A home quarantine can be the optimal solution to avoid transmission.

In addition, the flu vaccine, available before winter, provides a certain pourcentages of protection.  Recent studies show that flu vaccination reduces the risk of flu illness by between 40% and 60% and lasts approximately 6 months.  

Flu Prevention in Sports: The biosports.team™ Service

By decontaminating sports clubs, biosports.team™ offers you an optimal solution for flu prevention in sports. We stop the quick spread of illnesses in sports environments and among athletes by disinfecting and eliminating any viruses that are present.

Thanks to its unique vaporization system, biosports.team™ eliminates flu viruses from all sports club spaces; even the tiniest (air vents, lighting systems, ceilings, ventilation, under floors, etc.) are disinfected. In addition, biosports.team™ disinfects sporting equipment without any risk of damage. Athletes are free to use the equipment in less than 30 minutes after using biosports.team’s service.

Unlike other cleaning methods, biosports.team™ uses only biodegradable products that are chemical and pesticide-free, and aren’t toxic or dangerous to people with frequent allergies. Our products also don’t require any rinsing.

NOTE:  Always verify with the equipment manufacturer about any technique or product you want to use before disinfecting your equipment.

The biosports.team’s service protects sports teams from the flu but also other contagious illnesses, such as gastroenteritis, Staphylococcus and the mumps.

Count on biosports.team™ to assist you in preventing contagious illnesses within your sports team.


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