The health of athletes is critical in keeping a team at the top of its game. In addition, healthy athletes drive down the risk of absenteeism and increase chances of success. There are several illnesses that can impact a sports team, such as:

These viruses are easily transmittable in the air and through contact with an infected individual.

Sports environments are susceptible to the spreading of these illnesses for several reasons:

  • Sports equipment is often shared among teammates
  • Perspiration and breathing increase the circulation of a virus in the air
  • Regular, physical contact between athletes is common
  • The many shared spaces accumulate bacteria

For instance, several cases of the mumps were found with NHL pro hockey players recently:

  • 7 players for the Vancouver Canucks in 2017
  • 3 members of the Minnesota Wild (including Zach Parise and Jason Pominville)
  • 29 NHL players from 2014-2015 (including Sidney Crosby)

It’s therefore important to hire an infection decontamination service that’s specialized in sports environments to stop the spread of these illnesses and prevent them from affecting sports team athletes’ health.

Simple habits can also help in the prevention of infections in athletes: regular hand-washing, using only one’s own equipment, not sharing water bottles, avoiding direct physical contact, etc.

A Customized and Accessible Solution for All Sports

The™ service helps you in the prevention of infection in sports.

Our experts come to your club and effectively decontaminate all the spaces frequented by athletes and trainers: locker rooms, the grounds, lockers, gyms, bathrooms, showers, trainers’ offices, meeting rooms, benches, the team bus and equipment. Nothing will be forgotten; every square foot will be decontaminated.™ is not a traditional hand cleaning company.

The™ service uses a unique vaporization system that directly attacks airborne viruses and bacteria, thus accessing even the smallest spaces (ceilings, air vents, lighting system, etc.).

In addition, our Proactive Indoor Contaminate Management (PICM)™  process also disinfect et protect sports equipment (ice skates, gloves, helmets, etc.) without any risk of damage.

A Natural, Safe and Effective Solution™  uses biodegradable products that don’t pose any danger to your health. In fact, our products are completely chemical and pesticide-free. Our PICM™ process does not cause allergies, is not toxic and requires no rinsing after application and most importantly, will not affect or alter materials of your protective equipment.

NOTE:  Always verify with the equipment manufacturer about any technique or product you want to use before disinfecting your equipment.

You can count on™ for an unbeatable quality service that produces visible results while completely eliminating illnesses.


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