désinfection à Toronto

Do you have a facility to decontaminate, or smells to eliminate? BioGreen Solutions is the leader in disinfection in Toronto. Our experts propose a solution for protection against internal contaminants such as:

  • Viruses: flu, gastroenteritis ...
  • Bacteria: E-parcels, streptococcus, mites ...
  • Odors: cigarettes, animals, urine ...

Our solution is more efficient than traditional solutions, because we use a vaporization system to remove contaminants from surfaces and air. The solution remains active and protects you from contaminants for 43 days after application.

Disinfection in all your establishments in Toronto

Using a vaporization system, we remove contaminants on surfaces and in ambient air.

In the residences, several elderly people testify that BioGreen Solutions has a considerable impact on their quality of life and health in general. The difference is also felt in sportsmen who consider that their training environment is much more stimulating and enjoyable when our products have been sprayed there.

In short, whether in the health, sports, food or education industries, our customers are always benefiting from their environment.

Our Disinfection Team in Toronto

"We believe that we can make a real difference in their lives because the product we promote is not only effective but ecologically responsible."

Our team of disinfection experts in Toronto is very responsive. Your request will be answered in less than 24 hours. We offer a wide range of availability to accommodate as much as possible the different schedules of our customers.

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