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In a society that is aware of the high risks of infections, is dedicated to becoming your reliable and efficient partner for a healthy environment, thus giving your team and athletes a distinct advantage. is the undisputed leader in disinfection and protection of sports environments. The team of professionals help prevent viruses, bacteria and other diseases that spread in the spaces used by all types of athletes. uses 100% natural products approved by Health Canada and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). distinguishes itself from the competition by protecting the athlete, his equipment and his environment against viruses and bacteria, as well as MRSA and Staph, which has the greatest threat to sports organizations. Every week in the world of sports, dozens of cases of influenza, flu viruses, diseases such as mumps and the like, melting media headlines. If not treated right, cases of blood infections affecting athletes can lead to hospitalization, surgery or even amputation, and ultimately to death.

The products are sprayed on all vertical and horizontal surfaces using a highly effective propulsion that leaves no untreated space. The skilled technician will spray athlete equipment such as gloves or hockey skates, combat sports mattresses, boxing gloves, protective helmets, bags of equipment or any type needed by a particular athletic discipline. In addition, our products do not alter/damage the materials, thus preserving the guarantees offered by the manufacturer.

Unlike many products on the market in the sports field, contains NO agents, chemicals or pesticides.

Our Proactive Indoor Contaminate Management (PICM) allows athletes to use their equipment less than 30 minutes after spraying. can even be sprayed into food preparation areas or in the presence of individuals.

biosports is a registered, specialized and adapted trademark of BioGreen Solutions.

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